MudPie Boytique is a Non-Exclusive Speciality Design Group 4 Boys! Designers and Models come together for a full blown "boys will be boys" Experience.

We have what your little "MudPie" wants!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

MudPie's Featured Listings

MudPie Boytique is running strong and has tons listed right now. Head on over to E-Bay and search "MPB Boutique" to check out what our team of amazing designers have for your Little MudPie.

Brittni of PBJ*Boutique has gone OOOGA BOOGA!

Buccaneer*Blvd Transforms Phineas & Ferb to Your Fav Xmas Icons

Gingerbread MAN by Joanna of Bellajoys*Boutique

Lil_Aviators (Kim) and her Vintage Transit Cars Lounge Set

Tamara of TKCuddlers brings you TOY STORY in APPLIQUE GLORY

MudPie Boytique has MUCH MORE to offer....make sure you always search MPB Boutique on EBAY!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Our debut launch has begun! Head on over to E-Bay and search "MPB Boutique" to check out what our teams of amazing designers and adorable models have created for your little MudPie this Christmas!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009

Who is MudPie?

MudPie Boytique is a combination of Talented Boys Designers and Amazing Boy Models. If you are looking for a special place in the Boutique World just 4 boys, you have found it! MudPie Boytique has a wide range of unique designers who bring their skills in many areas of "all things boy". We design for boys from Infant through School Age. Our handsome MudPie Models bring our designs to life. From the pudgy baby face to the mature, sophisticated young man, we have it all. MudPie is swarming the internet...you can find us on Ebay, Etsy, Facebook and our Blog. Not only will MudPie be bringing you the Hottest in Boys' Trends and the Cutest Boy Models, we will also be running contests on our Facebook Fan Page and our Blog. You will get to see our talented Models Win Photography Challenges. Our designers will be letting you step into their world and share a fantastic personal interview with you.

MudPie Boytique has it's DEBUT LAUNCH on September 29- "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out".....details are coming soon....Keep your EYES ready!